Labarre/Oksnee Support

Risk Management

Risk management is more important than ever for homeowner associations, and LaBarre/Oksnee is committed to limiting liabilities and protecting our clients. That is why our new Risk Management division will offer complimentary risk management assessments to our valued clients. Beginning January 1, 2012, Carol A. Fulton, CIRMS (Community Insurance Risk Management Specialist), will serve as the head of our new division and provide the client assessments.

With the implementation of an effective Risk Management Program, HOAs can learn methods to minimize the adverse effects of accidental losses on a community association. A written and executed Risk Management Program demonstrates to association members the importance of their individual roles, as well as the board’s capability and pro-activity.

The LaBarre/Oksnee Risk Management Programs includes five effective steps:

  • Identifying exposure to loss
  • Examination of alternative techniques
  • Selection of the best techniques
  • Implementation of chosen techniques
  • Monitoring and improvement of the Risk Management Program

Our Risk Management division will begin with a survey of your association’s property to identify any threatening exposures, followed by the creation of a written Risk Management Survey, which includes loss control recommendations and potential risk treatments to help “risk manage” the association’s insurance policies.